Festive Breakfast Turned More Delightful One with Menulog

Festive Breakfast Turned More Delightful One with Menulog

Holiday season and breaks is the most awesome time period. This is when you get to know how you can be at ease with your family. Today we’ll talk about how I enjoyed Easter holiday with scrumptious breakfast. We had been contemplating on what we would order on Easter day for our healthy Easter breakfast using Menulog promo codes. Being a member of family of five it was very difficult to come on one consensus when it came to food. Find More coupons at SuperSaverMama to get discounts.

It was early morning and due to the hunger pangs we all were getting a bit restless and irritated. We just wanted to end the battle between the menu selection and hunger and wanted to order something that could be delivered quickly. For the quick deliveries we can always rely on Menulog.

Some of the few shortlisted menus we saw included Big Bird breakfast. Now Big Bird breakfast came with a choice of eggs, grilled steak chicken pieces, sautéed mushroom, cherry tomatoes and chicken sausages. I was actually wondering if this would be too much for a single person. I had already given my vote for the sautéed tomatoes and chicken sausages. While my brothers were deciding to add on their gluten filled buttery French croissant and arugula.

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The breakfast as we all have heard is supposed to be the heaviest and the healthiest meal of the day. I guess in our case it was going to be a bit over boarded for a breakfast routine. Anyways I thought I would be using the discounts which I received a week before for ordering Chinese for dinner. My brothers thought of contributing too towards the breakfast with their Menulog coupon codes.

Our parents had yet to decide our menu and I meanwhile started looking at some of the fresh juice options which I can choose to have with my breakfast. I could see a list of slushes and smoothies, one of the smoothies that really caught my eye was green in color and had spinach in it. I had been trying to consume spinach for so long either by eating or drinking it. This smoothie made me realize how I had lost my battle in liking Spinach.

It is said that Spinach is very healthy and should be consumed at least once a week. I totally agree with this theory but my taste buds don’t. Anyways after my parents finalized their choice of breakfast we ordered it online from Menulog and they gave us the delivery time of 30 minutes. The breakfast came hot and on time. Thanks to Menulog, they never disappoint us with their service.