Grocery Shopping Has Never Been More Green Until Marley Spoon Stepped In

Grocery Shopping Has Never Been More Green Until Marley Spoon Stepped In

As both me and my partner work long hours, we rarely had time to sit together and enjoy home cooked meals. Grocery shopping was something that we had to think about, plan or just skip on sometimes. But with Marley Spoon voucher codes, we have turned our life around and can now enjoy real home cooked food on a daily basis.

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As just a family of two, who enjoy cooking, but do not have to shop for groceries ourselves.Marley Spoon gives us the option to enjoy the warmth of the kitchen and the fun of cooking different recipes. The store also makes sure that we don’t need to go and plan out trips to the market and bother with the groceries. Just getting the basic necessities for the kitchen every once in a while does the trick. The rest is taken care by Marley Spoon with its selection of the best produce from all the different local vendors that they use for their supplies.


What essentially happens is that Marley Spoon prepares a meal plan for their customers every week, which is then packaged based on the ingredients you will need for the meals that are already planned for you and portioned for the number of people described in your subscription.

These packages are not only really good for the two of us to enjoy the experience of cooking that we already do, the way this company works means that they are good for the environment too. Each box is made from bio-degradable material and insulated with a special type of plant fiber material that makes the whole thing easily degradable, so it will never stay in a landfill but decompose with time. The ice-packs used to keep the veggies cool in the packaging are also reusable, and the portions are carefully packaged so that nothing gets wasted in the process.

This is really important to us as we believe that the environment is not something that should suffer due to business and keeping things local and sustainable makes us a little bit happier, knowing that we are also making an impact to change the environment too.

The best part is that all of this is really reasonably priced so we don’t have to spend a lot of money on our groceries, and the Marley Spoon voucher codes make sure that we stay within our budget. And if we want to change our subscription or pause or stop it, the process is really easy too. We love the discount provided by the store and hope you people start with yours too.

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