Surprising my beloved Linda in the most spectacular way

I love Linda and I practically love her. We’ve known each other since we were kids and we were adventurous yet rebellious in nature. We’ve both had authority issues and we’ve both secretly had sex many times. Thankfully, she never fell pregnant but we had to use birth control once. We have always stashed our sex stuff secretly and now that we live together, we have a dedicated room for that activity. Adult Shop coupon code allows me to spoil her and love her this thanksgiving and Christmas. The New Year’s Eve? Yes, that too as well.

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Working for a digital firm with a reach overseas can actually keep me away at times but thankfully not for long. I couldn’t keep Linda bored so I decided to gift her a vibrator instead of a standard dildo. She loves having a little me time and she gets it whenever she feels lonely. I do call her on Skype when abroad and she does give a little heaving and moaning for me on demand. When I get back home, I get the treatment of a king.

Linda works in the same industry as me except that her agency has no reach overseas. Her recent switch to an IT firm enabled her for overseas visits. She never left me bored as she dropped me a few goodies to satisfy my sexual cravings. She loves me too and she hasn’t ever left me alone, ever.

We did spend considerable amounts when it came to taming our sexual cravings. I came across Adult shop one night and I signed up for their offers. I wanted to surprise Linda and I love it when she wears nothing but crotch less panties smelling so pleasant and looking beautiful.

Of course I get a little rough on her at times but I am gentle with her most of the time. The sex pack I just bought helped me add more to the BDSM love between us and the scented lubes did the magic as well. We love keeping the windows open in the summer but decided to close them these days just to ensure we have no nosy neighbours. You do know how the neighbours get when they hear heaving and moaning from next door.

Linda labelled me as the sex machine probably because of my perverted fantasies but she does know I am not an infidel. Even she has deep dark desires needing fulfilment and not only we film ourselves but also watch them too. She often uses a vibrator when she watches those films and that vibrator being a scented one from Adult shop itself.